Web Design Importance Cornwall

Why is the design of a website important?

If you want to know the answer to a question what do you do? Google it.

Therefore, if your website is the first piece of interaction you have with a potential customer or client, then you want it to show you in your best light, so they click again.

So you’ve started at the beginning with creating a logo. Then developed some branding that looks professional and reflects what your business represents. It’s therefore important to use your identity: logo, typefaces, colours, as a consistent force across all platforms. As a result, your website should be an extension of this. Or equally freshening up an out-dated website, like you would with an old phone.

Secondly, the UX (user experience) design of a website is arguably more important than how it looks. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, so anyone can use it. A bit like a clean laid out shop, rather than a jumble sale. If it is too complicated or the user can’t find what they are looking for you will lose out on potential money. Therefore, clear subheadings to other pages, consistent layouts, engaging photos, larger captions and minimal text helps to keep a user on the page but also to come back.

Furthermore, the importance of a copywriter to create text that is engaging, succinct and written in a tone to match the rest of brand is equally as important.

In addition to this, websites are like a book. As when you scroll through your website it will have a beginning, middle and end: introducing the page, main content and contact details at the bottom.  A user will start at the top and scroll down and read left to right. Therefore, important information should be top left. Text should also be central to the page to make it flexible to different screen sizes.

To conclude, effective websites, should be well thought through, by mapping out how each users journey can be as efficient as possible, whilst looking great.