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The Power of Colour

The power of colour and how to use it for your brand

Whilst a successful logo works well in black and white, a brand can be brought to life by injecting some colour. As a result, the branding can gain its own identity through the emotions it evokes and the connotations it provides. A brands colour can massively effect how well it is perceived.

Once a colour has been added, it can be used as a device for a brand to be instantly recognised: such as purple for Cadburys, red for Coca Cola and Tiffany’s Blue for Tiffany and Co.

Understanding basic colour psychology, helps the process in picking a colour palette for your brand. So, since blue is universally a popular colour, it’s no surprise that it sits as the king of colours for branding. Dark blue represents, knowledge, power and trust, therefore used by large corporations and technology: whilst blue also represents the sea and the sky, so light blue is calming and tranquil. Furthermore, blue is stereotypically a masculine colour, in contrast to pink which is feminine and soft in dusty pinks for cosmetics or bright pink for girl’s toys packaging or for a modern youthful feel.

Red connotes passion, love and energy but also danger. It is highly visible and stimulates quick decision making, which is why it is commonly used for road signs and sales.

Blending together a punch of red and positivity of yellow. Orange is fun, youthful and joyous and great for creative, fun brands, more so than traditional or serious brands.

Green can connote two areas; finance and nature. Bright and lighter greens connote the environment, growth, nature, organic products and health. Whilst Darker greens connote wealth and prestige.

Purple mixes the energy of red and the stability of blue. It is associated with royalty along with power and luxury.

Black is elegant and associated with power and formality but also mystery and death. Black can be great for a deluxe and modern brand.

White is clean, pure and fresh. It also connotes innocence, new life and perfection. Apple uses a lot of white for its branding to provide clean and minimal design.

Colour can help you to conform or equally help you stand out of the crowd in our busy market place. So get picking.