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“The Earth is art; the photographer is only a witness.” 

– Yann Arthus – Bertrand

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That brief moment when a person and camera work as one to capture a moment in life. This is what Photography is about, it’s the art of capturing images through a camera and having the desire to share what we find beautiful and interesting with others.

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Photography has the ability to allow us to express ourselves through different art forms, such as print, film or underwater photography. Not only can we capture places and objects but also emotions. Whether that be sadness, wonder or sympathy. Images have a way of recording memories, which is a powerful force, as it is like a window into an important moment in time, that is saved forever. This tells us of the importance of photography, as it continues to be used in our everyday lives. Allowing the ever-growing desire to want to capture moments as images.

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At Oracle Design we understand the need to capture these moments and make it part of the work for our clients. As a company we aim to adapt and provide these services, so that, we can produce the best possible outcomes for our projects. Not only does photography benefit us, but also our target audiences. They are able to see what Oracle Design is up to and how we might benefit our clients.

No matter how good the design is, bad photography will produce a below/standard job. Of course professional photography doesn’t come cheap, you can buy stock imagery, Photoshop low-quality images, but our advice is NEVER scrimp on photography, this is one area which will lead to a high end product and engage your customers, improving brand and make your business stand out from the crowd.

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We now offer photography in-house with the latest Sony mirrorless camera, top end lenses and DJI Ronin gimbal to keep things steady. Call us today on 01637 854939 to discuss your project or email to find out more.