illustration cornwall

Let’s talk Illustration…

Illustration has the power to break boundaries in the design world. It is a method that can communicate images, whether it be a story, a message or a feeling. Digging deeper it is a form of design that can produce one’s imagination and allow them to express themselves through symbols, colours, text or patterns. It can also help us visualise periods of time that we have never lived through, including the eras without technology. 

Historically and culturally, Illustration should not be overlooked. The method has been identified to have wealth, status, religion, power, ownership and belief. From prehistoric times, people have used images and symbols to help explain complex cultural and social messages. It’s been known that cavemen would use symbols of animals to mark their territory on caves or use it as an identity. In this sense illustrations can be seen to be timeless and forever be adaptable into the different areas of Design. 

To present day, we have been more involved with photography, but this bounds us to the physics of reality rather than using illustration that can bring your wildest imaginations to life. Illustration was once very dominating in the creative world, however Graphic Design now, has become a huge part of contemporary culture. This doesn’t mean that Illustration still isn’t used as a powerful tool in Graphic Design and Advertising. It creates interest in new or unknown subjects and is good for holding people’s attention spans. Which is useful as it creates consistency in a look or brand for audiences to understand and be captivated by. There are multiple types of Illustration which can target audiences in different contexts. These contexts can be found in areas such as print, moving image, installation and interaction. 

It is unclear to where and what illustration will evolve into, but already it can be perceived that there is a chance for distinct art forms and practices to share skills and potential with one another. Together, Graphic Design and Illustration can both offer beautiful opportunities for brands to succeed for clients.

Here at Oracle Design we strive for success in every project. We aim to improve our services by adapting and bringing new skills to the table. In this sense, being based in such a beautiful part of Cornwall, we like to provide Illustration as a part of our services, as it allows us to capture a different perspective of the place. This is perfect for our clients because it means that we always provide something new and unique. We introduce culture, originality, and creativity. All we hope for at Oracle Design is to have our clients walking away with a smile on their face.