Design Agency Intern Cornwall

Intern Life – Oracle Design

Our intern Georgia Bray, tells us about the ups and downs of being an intern in Cornwall.

Life as an intern

Before I graduate and have to burst out of my university bubble, I have been given the opportunity to dip my toes into the real world and the life I could be living as an aspiring designer. The main requirement of my third year of Graphic Communication and Design at the University of Leeds, is to secure myself 195 days of work, to experience what the industry really has to offer.

As a Cornish girl, I have become very accustomed to the joy of travelling, since I live nowhere near Leeds. So when it came to finding my placements, I was pleasantly surprised to find a great array of design agencies all on my door step, and I somehow managed to wangle myself placements with three of them. So on September 6th my mini tour of Cornwall began.

As my first day drew closer, I avoided thinking about how completely useless I could be. However, once I started I didn’t completely mess up. My first placement was with Hush Creative: A Brand and Packaging Consultancy in Falmouth. Hush is a small agency of two, I didn’t get a wage, however they gave me the opportunity to get a lot of guidance, but also the chance to work on live briefs. To my amazement, a name and two of my logos were chosen by clients. Ian’s enthusiasm for packaging well and truly rubbed off on me, and I am an unashamed paper snob, who loves a bit of foiling. After 3 months of designing, it definitely increases your ability and confidence. In addition, my parallel parking abilities improved also, from unavoidable street parking. This was a perfect start to life as an intern, as I didn’t feel like an intern at all, but part of the team.

My second placement was with Leap Design for change, a B certified studio in St Austell. As a larger studio of 7, the dynamics were different: following instruction of the Director, the Senior Creative and working with the rest of the team. A lot of trust was given to each member of the team, and self- management was key to succeeding here. If I didn’t have my experience with Hush, I think I would have struggled with the amount of independence. However, I was lucky to be part of a range of brand and print and trophy projects and was given a scary insight into the amount of emails adults have to deal with. Since I was given responsibility of interacting with clients, it taught me the level of professionalism that was needed to successfully lead a project. This was extremely useful when I did some of my own freelance work. Supporting good causes and sourcing sustainable methods of creating great design, was also something I learned about at Leap. So I have definitely become more conscious of this.

Last but not least, was my third placement Oracle Design: A graphic design agency for brand, print and web in Newquay. The small panic of starting a new placement fades after moving around and I’m ready to see how another studio ticks. Instantly, I was thrown into work and love the hard working, but relaxing and fun atmosphere. Work hard and enjoy the sunshine is what they work to here during the summer, so I definitely picked the best time to intern! By working with another small agency, I have been given responsibility and trusted with work on current briefs. Despite Oracle Design being my shortest placement of one month, I have already tried a breadth of different design projects, such as: branding, brochure design, animation and web design.

All in all, I have had a pretty positive experience, getting to try real work. By designing all day, my confidence, abilities and efficiency has improved so much. I feel equipped and ready to go back to university a much more rounded designer than I was before and look forward to the future in the design industry.