Wordpress website design cornwall - Importance of website updates

Importance of website updates

The Importance of scheduled Updates

WordPress is the leading open source platform used for building content rich websites. WordPress itself accounts for over 34% of websites currently published on the internet which in hand comes with an increased threat of attack over other platforms. Some statistics show that 90% of hacked websites are in fact WordPress website…

As WordPress websites are made up of the open source software along with multiple third party plugins and a MySQL database there are multiple access points for hackers to compromise a site.  There are processes which can be put in place to reduce these threats which include installation of premium security plugins and regular updates.

Should I be worried that my website is built in WordPress?

In short, NO! The reason WordPress is the most popular content management system is because of the flexibility and potential it offers. Therefore, the functionality opportunity and customisation to having a WordPress website should massively outweigh the potential of an attack. All that said, ensuring your WordPress website is kept up to date on regular basis is extremely important to minimise any threats. 

How often should your WordPress website be updated?

Many of our clients are currently on an ‘As and When’ update basis, which is much better than having no updates, but we are looking to add a bit more consistency of this by suggesting scheduled updates to your WordPress website and its accompanying plugins.

The regularity of these updates will likely vary from client to client. This would be due to the size of the website and the number of plugins in use, along with security requirements by the client.

For a guide of the regularity of recommendations we advise the following minimum update periods:

Small websites (Personal, Blogs, etc): Scheduled updates every 3-6 months

Medium websites (Hotels, Small Business’, etc,): Scheduled updates every 2-4 months

Larger websites (Large Business’, Ecommerce, etc): Scheduled updates every 2-3 months

Failing to upgrade won’t always mean there will be problems with your existing website, however there will be a slightly higher risk of security vulnerabilities and functionality issues.

What’s Involved in an update?

Each time we update a website we include a full manual backup, WordPress software and plugin updates and general styling and functionality testing. This helps to maximise security and performance as well as to give us regular backup points in the event of us needing to roll back to previous versions.

How much does it cost?

Costs may vary from client to client, below is approximate price brackets:

Small websites – £120 – £180

Medium websites – £120 – £240

Larger websites – £180 – £240

In the event of plugin conflicts, if such issues cannot be rectified within the costs stated above, we will notify the client before proceeding any further.

If you wish for us to arrange for scheduled upgrades, please let us know and we can confirm costs, and occurrence. Call us today on 01637 854939 or email info@oracledesign.co.uk.