South West Business Insider

How’s Your Website?

We have been featured in the Bristol based ‘South West Business Insider’ magazine in the article ‘How’s Your Website’ featuring our design and development services and our client Design Office Solutions​. We were interviewed for the article and the important processes involved in a new website design and development.

“Plenty of things in a business are perishable, from the milk in the office kitchen to the fashionable product designs that need to be sold this season or not at all. Another is the company’s strong brand name and reputation – and its website.

In the South West, businesses mostly approach a website overhaul with the help of a third party expert. Creating an engaging, responsive, mobile-friendly website, which will help you communicate with your audience effectively, is crucial, says Andrew Stone, art and creative director at Oracle Design.

What’s also important, with the future in mind, is to ensure that you “build to the latest standards so you are never behind the curve and always putting the user first.”

Design Office Solutions recently worked with Cornwall-based Oracle to overhaul its five-year-old website, which looked dated and was built using a Dreamweaver template by the client. Stone says: “One trigger for the project was that the website contained more than 250 products and management of this was becoming an issue. The site was technically functional but creaking. It’s a good moment, if not sooner, to try again.”

The project had two targets: to improve the look and to introduce a content management system (CMS) and e-commerce platform for better in-house management of the back end. There were five steps. First, a rebranding exercise, including a new logo and identity. Second, choosing a suitable platform – WordPress, in this case, using the WooCommerce bolt-on. Third, the design of the flats for the website and how it would look and feel, including developing a theme in-house to give full control of the code and flexibility when developing responsive views.

The fourth was tweaking the user experience by applying required additional plugins or writing scripts (jquerys). The final stage was applying and managing a search engine optimisation strategy that includes pay-per-click campaigns and a social media marketing strategy to drive visits to the website.” (Taken from the article ‘How’s Your Website’ featured in ‘Insider’ magazine – Jan 2016).

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