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Great logo design in 5 simple steps

Understanding what a logo does and its meaning can be equally important as what it looks like.

A logo identifies a company or product and does a lot more than simply selling your brand. Getting it right from the start can help your customers distinguish who you are, even if it’s the only thing they see.

Great logo design should be:

• Simple
• Memorable
• Appropriate
• Effective
• Enduring
• Functional
• Versatile

Represent your offering

We begin every logo design project with a briefing meeting and getting you to fill out our logo briefing form. We need to get to know your business and what you stand for. Getting up close and personal with the client to learn your industry, target audience, mission, goals and competition. Finding out your tone-of-voice, brand personality and how the business should be portrayed to others.


Standing out from the crowd in an often packed marketplace is the goal of any logo design. It should not be a quick, cheap process. It takes time and thought to develop a truly effective logo design.

Budget is a huge factor with any project and having the right budget to suit your brand and what you want from a logo is very important to fulfil your goals. You get what you pay for and having enough budget to allow time to fully understand the client, what they offer, target markets, competition etc, is key to designing a logo to a professional standard and what we strive for with all projects. Saying that, we will always listen to the client and work to agreed budgets if tight.

Colour can boost your business
Colour plays a huge role in how people perceive your brand. Selecting the right colour(s) for your logo design and your branding. Used right, it can turn something bland into an instantly recognisable and memorable image. Remember unmistakable companies like Twitter and it’s blue bird, or the iconic red of Coca Cola. Choosing the right colours can enhance brand recognition, perception and compel your customers to find out more about your offering.

Its challenging with a plethora of free fonts and paid for fonts to choose from. Generally, here at Oracle Design, we like to choose paid for fonts to use in our logo design projects at no extra charge to the client unless a specific font was requested, we do this to try and keep your brand more unique and special to you. As with colour choice, fonts should reflect your brand personality. There are generally four categories we put fonts within;

Serif: Traditional style fonts with accents at end of each letter. Serif fonts are considered to be trustworthy, reputable and conventional.

Sans Serif: Modern, clean and easy to read font choice, without accents at the end of the letters. Sans Serif fonts are fresh and clean.

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Slab Serif: These fonts are a modern twist on serif; slab serif fonts have bold, heavy accents at the end of each letter. Considered brave, minimal and very fashionable.

Script: This font type represents a more gentle, free flowing style that imitates handwriting or calligraphy. Script fonts are elegant, slender and artistic.

Future proofing
This article covers the basics of logo design and an important final thing to remember is how your logo is going to work across various graphical treatments. Making sure it works across the multiple media forms you will require as a business should always be took into consideration throughout the process in choosing your favourite font, logo type or symbol. Logo design is not a simple process and should never be, spending time to get this right from the beginning will pay you back ten fold in the future.

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