Design Internship e1569679772464 - Eat, Sleep, Intern, Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Intern, Repeat

After graduating from Cardiff Metropolitan University, in Graphic Communication, it provided me with a clear perspective that I would prefer to work near the coast rather than a city. I am a Welsh girl but lived the majority of my life in Cornwall. Having lived in the valleys, the coast and the city it has shown me that I love the coast of Cornwall the most. I found that you can take the coast away from the girl, but you can’t take the coast out of the girl. However, I would never limit my opportunities within Design because all experiences are beneficial in every way  wherever you are. I think it is really important to be somewhere you love and find a balance with work life and life out of work.

I was so thankful and appreciative to find that when I got home from finishing university, I received two opportunities, a placement that progressed into a job at Idenna or an internship at Oracle Design. I accepted the internship at Oracle Design as they were the first company to give me an opportunity to learn. Although many would say I should have stayed with Idenna as they are a great company, I knew that me loyalties lied with Oracle and I value my morals and commitments. Oracle Design is another great company and I saw the exact same morals in them too. Their values of working as a team, enjoying life and giving the clients the work they hoped for, is exactly what I wanted to be apart of. I wanted to give them a chance as they had taken a chance on me first. 

My 3 months of life at Oracle Design has been very challenging and amazing! I have completed various work experiences and worked with my own clients, but getting the chance to live the dream as a full time designer for 3 months was perfect. Oracle Design has taught me so much from understanding tricks to softwares and knowing the best way to tackle briefs. I am glad to of got the opportunity to be trusted with projects from clients, which the majority of the time was a success. One thing I did learn from Oracle was that I had to be kind to myself, when there was something I didn’t quite understand then all I had to do was ask. I forgot that, the point of an internship was to learn and grow as a Designer. I found that coming straight from university into a Design company were two very different worlds. I felt that I should have known everything when joining the team at Oracle, but I didn’t. First times are a funny thing because when you’re learning to surf, ride a bike or take a test, it’s never perfect the first time around. It’s about getting back up and trying again. I was never made to feel guilty about not knowing something because I was reminded that we all have to start somewhere. Having this sort of positivity around me, was lovely and I am thankful for the support I had received.

My advice for anyone who goes into an internship is to forever ask questions, test assumptions and always try new approaches to different projects. I always worked with the mindset of having a purpose and solving the problem. My experience at Oracle Design has been brilliant and I have grown my confidence in areas of design that I lacked. I am feeling very ready for where my journey in Design will take me next.

Written by Megan Jones