Inspired Design Web - 6 Ways of being inspired as a Designer

6 Ways of being inspired as a Designer

Well, it has been an eventful couple of months and here’s hoping it doesn’t continue to devastate many more lives across the world. With lockdown continuing here in the UK, our designer Meg gives us 6 tips on how to stay creative as a designer. Let’s hope the ‘Travel’ option is available to us all again soon. Stay home, stay creative, save lives.

1.     Find a muse 

When finding a muse, you should try keep an eye out for someone who has a similar style to you. Think of someone who inspires you to be creative. Whether it’s an artist, designer, family, friend or companion. However, inspiration doesn’t necessarily need to come from a person, it could come from fashion, art, ceramics or just the everyday lifestyle that you live. 

2.     Travel

Travelling is the biggest help towards inspiring a designer. You begin to understand the different cultures, beliefs, trends and styles that are out there in the world. Providing designers the means to become more aware of how we might communicate with different target audiences. Basically, you’ve got the perfect excuse to get up and go travel!!!

3.     Have time to daydream

Before starting a project, it’s always good to take a step back and allow yourself to have a good daydream of ideas. Sometimes the first idea that comes to mind isn’t always the best, you got to have a good old think about what you intend to do. Doing this allows the mind to ride down a river of ideas, till eventually one will stick, and you’ve got it. 

4.     Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing site where many can go and share anything to do with travelling, art, music, stories, designs and so much more. When getting inspired you should never copy someone else’s work but maybe there might be elements of a style you like that could be used in whatever you are doing. Definitely a great platform for people to share ideas and skills.

5.     Mind Map

Mind Maps are perfect for getting all your ideas out of your head onto paper. Sometimes designers can become so overloaded with ideas that they can’t always make connections. When writing them down you begin to visually see how you may be able to come out with a final outcome. 

6.     Step out of your comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone, can be really hard but each time it’s worth it. I was once told that the comfort zone is like a circle where everything that you can do is safe and comfy inside, but everything you can’t do or scared of are outside the circle. In order to experience all the stuff outside the circle you have to push through that boundary. This is what I mean by stepping out of your comfort zone. The more you do it, the more knowledge, skills and techniques you’ll learn, and this will grow you as a designer.

At Oracle Design we use these techniques to help us everyday. If you are already inspired and struggling with how to implement it, we now offer training in various software we use for design, if you want to find out more about our courses and costings, contact us today, 01637 854939 or email